- Trained at Harvard Children’s Hospital in Behavioral Medicine,  Trauma, Family Therapy and  Conflict Resolution 
- Completed Post-Doctoral training in Child Psychiatry at Stanford Medical School
- Graduated top of Doctoral and Masters programs in Community and Clinical Psychology
- Received Award for Excellence in Teaching from Stanford Medical School in 2000
- Co-coordinator of Inpatient Consult Liaison Service at LPCH at Stanford Medical Center for 8 years
- Created Multifaceted professional team to assess, strategically plan, and solve medical/financial/psychological crisis in 2010
- Experience working with attorneys / judges on business/family/custody conflicts
- 16 years of experience in Family, Child, and Individual Therapy
- Consultation to Kaiser Permanente and Stanford Medical Center on resolving professional conflicts and legal disputes.
- Developed and executed wellness program for Department of Pediatrics at Stanford Medical Center for physicians in training

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