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about me

Dr. Laura Palmer is a licensed clinical psychologist and executive coach with a Masters in Community Counseling and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Her company, Palmer & Associates, focuses on providing excellence in consultation and high-quality service during life's most stressful circumstances. Collaborating with diverse professionals allows us to successfully resolve complex workplace issues, as well as intimate individual and family crises. 


By hiring Palmer & Associates, you hire Dr. Laura Palmer as the Team Lead, who brings with her a reputation for integrity. Her doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, Trauma, and Conflict Resolution provides the background knowledge needed to enter highly challenging situations and assess, strategically plan, and implement a collaborative solution with her client.



Training and experience are paramount when solving personal and professional problems that have life changing consequences. Dr. Palmer’s authentic concern and passion for co-creating change in clients’ lives has placed her at the top of her trade.

Awards & Accolades


Trained at Harvard Medical School's Children’s Hospital in Behavioral Medicine, Trauma, Family Therapy and Conflict Resolution

Graduated top of her class in Doctoral and Masters programs in Community and Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University

Received Award for Excellence in Teaching from Stanford Medical School Post-Doctorate Fellowship

Created a multifaceted professional team to assess, strategically plan, and solve ongoing medical/financial/psychological crises

You can find a detailed list of Dr. Palmer's experience here.


Let's Collaborate!

Palmer & Associates provides individuals, couples, and families with life and executive coaching.  We also work with high-level executives, entrepreneurs and companies struggling with intractable circumstances. These difficult environments can be destructive to individuals, families, and organizations. We are equipped to moderate conflicts where stakes are high, emotions run strong, and where opinions often vary. Specifically, we deal with situations including:

our Areas of Expertise

Conflict Resolution

 Executive Coaching

    Parent Coaching

 Wellness and Prevention

Physical Health Challenges

 Legal Disputes

We are able to cover this wide range of topics because we are doctorally prepared consultants with backgrounds in clinical psychology, leadership, financial strategies, and business management. We also have direct access to an array of specialized professionals we can integrate into our services to address your specific needs. Utilizing our experience, strict confidentiality, and research-based techniques, we work through situations with you, tailoring personal solutions to your needs.


Your privacy is very important to us. Securing your privacy is an imperative step in creating mutual trust and a strong working relationship.  

Upon the start of our relationship, a Release of Information or Non-Disclosure Agreement will be provided, preventing discussion of conversations or coaching practices that take place between us. 


Our Other Projects

-At the Tip of Your Fingers-

Ubaka U Rwanda

Ubaka U Rwanda is a global organization that provides Rwandan youth living on the streets a second chance at a self-sufficient, fulfilling, and purposeful life. Through access to shelter, education, and community, Ubaka supports both a youth foster center and local community outreach programs in Kigali, Rwanda, hoping to empower Rwanda's next generation.

Run the 1

Most folks who have followed our efforts, probably know that every year, Laura Palmer brings together a wonderful group of people in Menlo Park for a pre-celebration for Run the 1. Over the last few years, the kids have been growing up and participating more and more. This year, some of the kids performed Uptown Funk and You've Got a Friend in Me. We all got together at the end and sang Sweet Home Alabama too.

Contact Us

At Palmer + Associates, your well-being is important to us — please feel free to email me any questions you may have. However, I suggest that confidential information be discussed over the phone. Thus, avoid emailing me information that you wish to be kept confidential.  I have my phone on me at all times, and you are always welcome to call.

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